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blogclot radio.

In ola mi amigos on July 16, 2008 at 1:21 pm

aka my personal playlist. give it a listen. hope you enjoy.



In mp3, ola mi amigos on July 14, 2008 at 4:56 pm

Yo-Ev! is still on his Euro trip, so there won’t be a monday mix for some time. But fortunately for us The 84.85 were kind enough to send an exclusive mix for the blog. Aight?

Hells ya! It looks like the mini mix is back. 

The 84.85 mini mix (zSHARE)

mean business

In monday mix, mp3, ola mi amigos, YO-EV! on June 25, 2008 at 3:41 pm

This week I’ll be rockin out with MEAN BUSINESS inside the Social, alongside Tasc Money; Then dissappearing thursday for a month. This weeks monday mix has some serious heat from Def Jef/DJ Mehdi, Don Rimini, and Fake Blood. As well as some UK influence, don’t watch it.  

via Yo-Ev!

Leavin On A Jet Plane- MONDAY MIX JUNE 23

Did you hear that? That was this week’s Monday Mix flying right over my head. Shit’s retarded! There’s tons of mixes out right now and the difference is that most aint got tunes like these…

Make sure to roll by the Social tonite to check Yo-Ev! and Tasc Money tonite June 25th. 

feelin’ funky

In mp3, ola mi amigos on June 16, 2008 at 10:52 am

The blog’s been super hot lately, so we’ve decided to post an all new Monday mix. This was suppose to actually go up last week, but there was so much going on with NXNE that we figured it’d be lost in the shuffle. 

Definitely feels like summer in the city with this heat. Pools are now open though. And Yo-Ev! will be DJ’ing at The Chelsea Room tonite for Ager’s b-day. Can it be? Pool hopping season, already? Holler at your boy!

Yo-Ev! Feelin FunkyMonday Mix Pt. 13

And if you haven’t already gotten a copy the “What It Is” mixtape, just click on the image at the top of the sidebar (on the right hand side) and it will automatically download onto your computer. Awesome, ain’t it?

we don’t give a fuck!

In egyptrixx, mp3 on May 26, 2008 at 9:42 pm

Lil Jon – We Don’t Give A Fuck (Egyptrixx bass riot rmx)

The much anticipated Egyptrixx ep on Wide Records is finally expected next month after some delay. Check here for possible leaks prior the release. 

relax, it’s the weekend.

In it's monday already?!, mp3, YO-EV! on March 29, 2008 at 5:01 pm


Yo-Ev! It’s Monday, Already?! Mix – Part 13 or 14 (anyone keeping count?)

We’ll be making our spring/summer announcements withing the coming weeks. Stay very tuned.

what’s the excuse today, flo?

In it's monday already?!, mp3, ola mi amigos, party all the time, the social, YO-EV! on March 17, 2008 at 2:08 am


None. Really! I don’t have one. Yo-Ev! has been pretty on point with the “It’s Monday, Already?!” mix and it’s me that’s been dicking around and haven’t posted shit since like almost a month ago. I wanted to blame it on this funk that I’ve been in, which I seem to go through every year. But this year’s been totally different. I’m neither homeless nor alone. I mean I have shit pretty good right now and yet it seems my past has me fearing for the worst. And if you know anything about the past I’m speaking of, you’d understand how it’s gotten me shooked. Let’s save that story for the auto-biography though. This post here is to catch ya’ll up on the many Monday’s passed.

The first one’s actually from the the beginning of March, pretty shitty of me huh? Call me retarded. This mix is rather short but carries a heavy punch. Call it the quick and the deadly. Kinda like the way Mike Tyson use to do it up in the early 90’s. Just in time for the week coming ahead. Did you know that this Friday is Good Friday? Four day work week here I came.

You Got Knocked the Fuck Out!!! aka Yo-Ev! It’s Monday, Already?! mix

Best used for: pre-drinking before the following events – Justice (Monday @ Sound Academy), Rye Rye (Wednesday @ Mean Business/The Social), MSTRKRFT Tour Toronto Party (Thursday @ Guvernment).

Up next is last week’s Monday mix. At this point, you must be asking yourself “What the fuck Flo?”. I know, I know. I did say I was in a funk. And this funk has me mad backed up. For reals. I’m about to pay for it when I show up to work today. He’s totally gonna have my head. But I’m starting to trail off again, so where was I? Oh yes, this one is prolly top one in all the Monday mixes. Within it holds some of the latest remixes, edits and originals plus a few demos and some exclusives. It’s longer than most monday mixes but it aint the longest.

You’re gonna wanna download this shit like now and put it in your ipod. You’ll really be needing this for the very short week ahead.

Yo-Ev! It’s Monday, Already?! MIX031008

Best served with: Stoli or Grey Goose (straight up) or Jameson (also straight up), a not so empty baggy, a little bit of trees or a lot (depending on your intake), and a fresh pack of smokes at someone’s trap house or if you’re lucky all of the above plus a cold Moose Head (courtesy of dial-a-bottle) @ the bat cave after all those parties posted way above + the Chromeo afterparty @ Shared Loft and the So Me opening at OurSpace.

Lastly, I wanna apologize to Yo-Ev! for the slack on posting these two very tight mixes. Word is bond, it’ll never happen again.

Hope ya’ll enjoy!


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I’m telling everyone now, this is gonna be motherfuckin’ chronic. Better invite yourself on Facebook now so that ya’ll don’t forget.

fools gold ’08 warm up w/ yo-ev!

In YO-EV! on February 19, 2008 at 7:57 am


Add yourself to the Facebook event invite already. You aint gonna wanna miss this parrrty!

we now return to our regular programming.

In it's monday already?!, YO-EV! on February 19, 2008 at 3:24 am


YO-EV! – “It’s Monday Already?!” GET OFF THE BOOKS!!! mix

Finally. An all new “It’s Monday Already?!”.

I’ve been totally missing a lot of work lately (honest) due to things not in my control (somewhat true). I haven’t made it to work on a Monday for weeks. I can’t afford to get fired right now. Good thing I’m really good at my job and that they love me long time. Cause if I got fired, well then I might not be able to afford the new site and some of our bigger ticketed parties. Keyword being might. But that’s not really anyones problem but mine.


I’m pretty sick and tired of reading my lame “It’s Monday, Already?!” write ups and I think I’m starting to ruin it for the mix. So I would like to officially announce that What The Blogclot? is now seeking a writer for the monday mix.

If you are a female writer who enjoys going out and getting blasted on the weekends at parties, getting twisted with your friends at their houses while listening to the mix even though you should be at work or school and wouldn’t mind getting compensated with weed, guestlist and local celebrity status (+many other things), please contact me by leaving a comment on this post with your email and I will get in touch with you. We can also renegotiate your compensation if you’re really good.

Why a female writer? Cause I don’t wanna hear what a dude did during his weekend. If I wanted that, I’d write it myself.