does it look like i give a fuck?

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makes me wonder…

In mp3, ola mi amigos on September 25, 2008 at 5:33 pm

is life passing me by?

i remember this one time while my ultimate crush and I were skipping school due to snow. See, back when I used to live in Ottawa, if was really snowing out, we’d always call it a snow day. We’d all get really stoned and go out snowboarding. On this particular day, I decided to go hang with ultimate crush, lets call her Chantale and her next bff Katherine. All three of us decided to go back to Chantale’s and watch a movie. While making some popcorn, Chantale mentioned to me that she no longer was interested in going out with boyfriend (who was actually somewhat an homie of mine but ended up as a frienemy). To make a short story shorter, that day I had the pleasure of dumping her man over the phone for her while I snuggled her and watched the ultimate date movie “The Cure”.

I never ended hooking up. By the time I was willing to risk the friendship and let her know the deal, I was a few hours away from moving to Toronto.

I recently found out she’s movin’ to my city. I wonder if I’ll run into her?

These ladies look so abnormal compared to the ladies I hang out with on the reg. I wonder how they look to them…


Don’t forget to check out Mansion‘s CD release party at the Bright Pearl, Friday September 26th, 2008. Partying inside a Chinese restaurant should make for an interesting nite.

MANSION – Break Back


back 2 back (this weekend)

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Mega fun party times this Friday @ Blak and Satuday @ Sneaky Dee’s. See ya’ out there.