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feelin’ funky

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The blog’s been super hot lately, so we’ve decided to post an all new Monday mix. This was suppose to actually go up last week, but there was so much going on with NXNE that we figured it’d be lost in the shuffle. 

Definitely feels like summer in the city with this heat. Pools are now open though. And Yo-Ev! will be DJ’ing at The Chelsea Room tonite for Ager’s b-day. Can it be? Pool hopping season, already? Holler at your boy!

Yo-Ev! Feelin FunkyMonday Mix Pt. 13

And if you haven’t already gotten a copy the “What It Is” mixtape, just click on the image at the top of the sidebar (on the right hand side) and it will automatically download onto your computer. Awesome, ain’t it?


we now return to our regular programming.

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YO-EV! – “It’s Monday Already?!” GET OFF THE BOOKS!!! mix

Finally. An all new “It’s Monday Already?!”.

I’ve been totally missing a lot of work lately (honest) due to things not in my control (somewhat true). I haven’t made it to work on a Monday for weeks. I can’t afford to get fired right now. Good thing I’m really good at my job and that they love me long time. Cause if I got fired, well then I might not be able to afford the new site and some of our bigger ticketed parties. Keyword being might. But that’s not really anyones problem but mine.


I’m pretty sick and tired of reading my lame “It’s Monday, Already?!” write ups and I think I’m starting to ruin it for the mix. So I would like to officially announce that What The Blogclot? is now seeking a writer for the monday mix.

If you are a female writer who enjoys going out and getting blasted on the weekends at parties, getting twisted with your friends at their houses while listening to the mix even though you should be at work or school and wouldn’t mind getting compensated with weed, guestlist and local celebrity status (+many other things), please contact me by leaving a comment on this post with your email and I will get in touch with you. We can also renegotiate your compensation if you’re really good.

Why a female writer? Cause I don’t wanna hear what a dude did during his weekend. If I wanted that, I’d write it myself.

four more days ’til the weekend.

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YO-EV! It’s Monday Already?! “IN IT TO WIN IT BAYBEE!” Edition

I’m still doing the write up for this week’s It’s Monday Already?! mix. Relax, hold tight and listen to the mix. Just for now.